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We offer group classes as well as individual coaching. Please email or call for a schedule.


Dog Manners 101-
Mastering Basic Manners

Life Skills -
Continuing the Learning


Can my dog really have manners?


Does a relaxing walk with your dog free of jumping, pulling and barking seem like only a dream?


Would you like to enjoy a quiet morning coffee at your favourite cafe while your dog lies peacefully at your feet?


Our Dog Manners 101 class will give you the foundation for a wonderful member of your family, or the beginnings to a solid dog sports career.  For all dogs from 10 weeks and older.


Behaviours Included - come when called (even in the face of distractions), down (even at a distance), leave it/take it (leave the food I just dropped), name (pay attention), polite walking (loose leash), settle (on a mat), sit (inc. stay/don't jump up), wait (don't go rush out the door). 

STARTING WHEN:Mon. Oct. 25th @ 7:30pm (FULL)

                                     Fri. Nov. 19th @ 6pm (FULL)

                                    Thurs. Nov. 25th @ 6pm (FULL)

                                     Mon. Dec 6th @ 7:30pm (FULL)

                                     **Dec 6, 13, 20, Jan 3, 10

                                     Thurs. Jan. 6th @ 6pm (FULL)

                                     **Jan 6, 13, 20, 27, Feb 3

                                     Mon. Jan. 17th @ 7:30pm (FULL)

                                     **Jan 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14

                                     More class dates coming for April.





        *Classes are added frequently so contact us for new dates.

COST: $200 for five one hour group sessions (classes are kept small)


Classes held at:

St. John's Anglican Church Hall (6 steps required to access room)

46098 Higginson Rd at Stevenson, Chilliwack


Is there peace missing between you and your dog?

Then LIFE SKILLS is for you!!


WOW! Dog Training is proud to introduce our new five-week

Life Skills Training program.

Pre-requisites: Have taken Dog Manners 101 or its equivalent.

Life Skills will include:

  • loose leash walking skills with distractions

  • walking calmly past another dog or person

  • sit with duration and distractions

  • down with duration and distractions

  • position changes with hand signals

  • call once recall

  • settle with duration and distractions

  • skill specific games

  • standing calmly while a person approaches


Register now!

STARTING:   Friday, January 7th @ 6pm (FULL)

                          **Jan 7, 14, 21, Feb 4, 18

                         Thursday, February 10th, @ 6pm (2 spots available)

                         **Feb 10, 17, 24, Mar 3, 10

Cost: $200 for five 1-hour group sessions.


Classes held at:

St. John's Anglican Church Hall (6 steps required to access room)

46098 Higginson Rd at Stevenson, Chilliwack


A Rally Good Time-Fun Rally Obedience

Trick for a Treat-
Training that's FUN!
**Coming soon**


The main objective of Rally-O is to provide a fast-moving and motivational activity that demonstrates a handler and dog's competency in basic obedience exercises without requiring exact precision for success. Dogs should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment and handlers can use praise and encouragement throughout (as explained by the Canadian Kennel Club).


Our intent is that both dog and handlers are having FUN! We will teach the rules so that if you want to go on to compete, you certainly can, or just come to build a relationship with your dog. Either way, the time will be spent helping you develop together.



NOVICE/INTERMEDIATE-Mondays @ 6:00pm (2 spots available)


INTERMEDIATE to MASTERS-Thursdays @ 7:30pm (1 spot available)

Classes are held at the Anglican Church Hall at 46098 Higginson Rd at Stevenson in Sardis. There are 6 steps to be able to access the building.

Cost is $25/class pre-paid by the number of class days in the month.


Dog tricks are a great way to take your training to the next level. Teaching your dog tricks can be fun for both of you. Trick training is a great way to build your dog's confidence, and it allows you to continue training with your dog and keep it enjoyable.


Sometimes tricks can help deal with behavioural problems and in the end the dog is just happy to please you.


Watch for a Trick class starting soon.




Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 2.35.26 PM.png
Separation Anxiety



Private Coaching

Do you suspect your dog suffers from separation anxiety?

  • Do you come home to your house destroyed?

  • Does your dog have accidents when you're gone but never when you're home?

  • Do you leave your dog a yummy treat that doesn't get touched until your return?

  • Is your dog okay to be crated at night when you're home, but cannot tolerate it when you go out?

  • Have your neighbours complained about your dog barking or howling the whole time you're out?

  • Does your dog get upset when it sees you even walking towards the door?

Any of the above or a multiple of them could indicate that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

If you're not sure if this is what your dog suffers from, but are tired of feeling like a prisoner in your own home, book a consult and we can look at this together and come up with a plan for you and your dog.

1.5 hour consult is $150.

All appointments are done remotely using Zoom.



Not sure exactly where or if your dog fits into a class? Your dog has fear issues and you're not sure how it will do in a class. You already have some training knowledge and just want some extra tips so you can practice on your own.


Whatever the reason, we can do a private consult and help you to see what type of training is the best for you and your dog. We can either point you in the direction of one of our classes, or help to design a training program with your goals in mind.

$100 per session if you come to me in Rosedale, or $400 for five one-hour sessions.

Currently Private classes are run on Tuesday evenings in Rosedale.



Day Training-
In Your Home

Do you want your dog to get trained but don't have the time, patience or know how to do it? Do you feel like you're dealing with an adolescent beast?


Consider having a professional train your dog for you, while you're at work a few times a week, then train you how to maintain the behaviour.


Imagine...your dog learns how to have manners and then you can continue from there with a bit of guidance from your trainer.


The benefit of having an experienced person do the training:

  • more likely to progress faster

  • less time up front for you, with less of a learning curve

  • wasted hours for training while you work are now benefiting you

  • you have a happier member of your family