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WOW! Dog Training?

Leanne Good has been researching and learning about different methods of dog training for 19 years. After many years of trying different techniques on her own and other's dogs, she has found that training based on positive reinforcement has more willing learners in the dogs, and stronger bonding with their human partners.

All trainers involved with WOW! Dog Training will only use positive based methods. We will not use choke chains, prong collars or shock collars.


Considering that time seems to always play a factor in what dog training classes you choose, we strive to give you as many options as possible, and have you be able to start right away, without a long wait for a class that has started already to finish.


At WOW! Dog Training we are passionate about our Puppy Start Right program. We believe that a lot of dogs could be saved from ending up in shelters if they just get started right with correct socialization. We also believe that all dogs should be a pleasure to live with and not a challenge or hazard to people, your home, or your community. Our most popular program Dog Manners 101-Mastering Basic Manners teaches Foundation skills that make all of this possible.